The Global Commitment 

2023 Progress Report

Collecting, sorting and recycling companies

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Revenue band (USD)

Headquarters location

Regions active

Key Metrics

Plastic collected

 metric tonnes

Plastic sorted

 metric tonnes

Reporting details

Data verification/assurance status

Scope of reported data

12-month quantitative data time frame

Joined the Global Commitment

Ellen MacArthur Foundation's
Plastics Pact Network membership

Webpage or report addressing progress

Quantity of plastic collected, sorted, and recycled

See endnotes for more information on quantitative data

Collected for recycling

 metric tonnes

Sorted for recycling

 metric tonnes

Recycled (input to facility)

 metric tonnes

Recycled (output from facilities)

 metric tonnes

Source of plastic recycled (as a % of total weight of plastic recycled - output)

Link to other published data


Increasing the quantity and quality of recycled/composted plastics

Progress made over the reporting period

Recycled (output from facility)

compared to prior year)

Activities and progress made

Planned actions by 2025


Planned actions 


Total invested/committed over the reporting period towards achieving the commitments

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Third-party verification/assurance

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Interpreting the quantitative data submitted